Spring Bumble Bees

These are so cute as well as moreish and a welcome change from the mounds of chocolate that children may have. Not only are these ‘bumble bees’ nutritious and relatively low in sugars but they can help to keep hunger at bay. Better still, there is no baking or even heating anything up with these little treats so they are an ideal introduction to get kids in the kitchen and take part in a sensory stimulation activity.

Enjoy – Jo x

Nutritional Benefits:

Peanut butter is full of protein, heart healthy monosaturated fatty acids, niacin (important for memory), potassium, bone building magnesium and  soluble fibre.  It also helps keep you satiated meaning you are less likely to reach for snacks. (Look for those with no added sugar or palm oil; the latter is  often sourced from plantations  created through the deforestation of rain forests and at the detriment of many animals and plants .The palm oil used is also often oxidised which has a negative impact on cardiovascular health too).

The whole recipe only contains 1 tbsp. honey (or maple syrup). Research has found that a high sugar diet can raise blood pressure and stimulate the liver into releasing harmful fats into the bloodstream. It also encourages the liver to be resistant to insulin which may lead to type 2 diabetes, problems with metabolism and heart disease. Constant high levels of  insulin and metabolism disorders are linked to a higher incidence of  cancer. It is now known that sugar in fact raises bad LDL cholesterol levels.

These bites although a lot healthier than most, should still be eaten in moderation but ideal when a sweet craving sweeps over!

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