Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bark (Vegan)

I created these delicious treats as I had an abundance of dried fruit and nuts after Christmas (as you do) and not wishing to leave out vegan friends who end up missing out on so many foods.

Nutritional Benefits

These decadent morsels come with many nutritional benefits and no refined sugars but should still to be eaten in moderation.

Pecan nuts (which I have used here) contain the highest amount of antioxidants than any nut helping to protect against ageing and disease. Although nuts are high in energy, the healthy fats in they contain help to raise metabolism and reduce sugary cravings. They are high in protein and omega 9 fatty acids.

The addition of dried fruits offers natural sweetness as well as soluble fibre. Apricots contain high levels of beta carotene (antioxidant which is cancer preventative) which is converted to vitamin A by the body and potassium.

The bark contains a lot less sugar than other treats. A high sugar intake is associated with not only tooth decay, an increased risk of heart disease, can raise bad LDL cholesterol and stimulate the liver to dump harmful fats into the bloodstream.


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