Banana & Peanut Butter Cookies

This recipe is an adaptation from the same named one in our Recipe Collection. I wanted to create something that uses less ingredients and steps. Although I tend to use wholemeal flour in baking recipes, I appreciate that this is more expensive and more households are likely to have standard flour in their cupboards.

These cookies use very ripe bananas (the recipe will not work as well with standard yellow bananas – they need to be ripe with lots of brown spots) so are great to help reduce food waste.

I hope you enjoy – Jo x


Nutritional Benefits:

Bananas are a source of potassium (essential for the functioning of all cells), soluble fibre (for good digestive health) and a source of tryptophan which helps lift mood and aids sleep. Ripe bananas are easier to digest than ‘green’ bananas so a lot gentler on the tummy and have a higher antioxidant level (antioxidants are substances that can help prevent damage or changes  to cells in the body that can lead to disease)

This recipe uses less sugar than most cookies so still should be eaten in moderation.

A high sugar intake is associated with not only tooth decay, an increased risk of heart disease, can raise bad LDL cholesterol and stimulate the liver to dump harmful fats into the bloodstream.


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