Little Chefs, Big Chefs Welcome

We are a non-profit enterprise whose work includes teaching children, young people, families and adults of all abilities how to cook for better health

We also offer a Community Pantry, allowing all members of the public to access a variety of surplus foods for a low service contribution, whilst helping us in our bid to reduce food waste

Tel: 07507 666 805


Our Story Discover

Little Chefs Big Chefs CIC has a central ethos which stresses the importance of a healthy diet and the teaching of kitchen skills and better cooking methods. Our primary objective is children and families as developing good eating habits from a young age not only helps children develop physically but also starts the roots for maintaining a good diet for the rest of their lives and hopefully preventing many health issues. However, we also deliver workshops to young people and adults.

During all sessions, we encourage full participation thus ensuring that we have full attention and engagement throughout.